Piha Domain Camp

Piha Domain Camp:  21 Seaview Road, Piha.

Phone:  Auckland 8128815  Email: pihacamp@xtra.co.nz

Piha Camp

We are a camp for families and the mature camper offering a safe environment for children to roam and experience freedom not known in suburban lifestyles.  We have 4 Beach Huts,  hot showers,  kitchen and laundry facilities.  No Party Groups.

Photos: First shows the Piha Camp’s close location to Piha Beach and Lion Rock.  Next: Our brand new (2014) ablutions and next our kitchen and laundry facilities.  Then our four cabins that are available for rent and then the public gas bbqs.

Pihadomaincamp01    Ablusions09    CampGroundCooker   CampGroundHuts   CampGroundBBQ