About Piha

Piha is a coastal village 40km west of Auckland City.

Nestled between the Waitakere Ranges and the Tasman Sea it is renowned for it’s surf and black sand beaches.

Piha Beach and North Piha Beach are separated by iconic Lion Rock.  Climb up and experience the incredible views. .

Lion Rock         View from Lion Rock    Piha sunset

Piha has a permanent population of around 800 that has a preschool, art gallery, store, cafe, RSA (Returned Services Club), bowling club, community hall,  2 Surf Life Saving Clubs, a library and a post office lots of open space and a fabulous black sand beach.

AratakiArataki Visitor Centre

A must visit on the drive to Piha Beach, the Arataki Visitor Centre is a great introduction to the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Park just 15 minutes from Piha.

Take in glorious views of the Heritage Park, chat to the local Rangers and pick up some track guides.


West Coast GalleryPiha’s West Coast Gallery

The West Coast Gallery is a dynamic, non profit, community arts venue, which exhibits and sells the unique artworks of over 200 artists all residing in the West area of Auckland City.

Art,  jewelry, ceramics, cards, books etc  from Westie Artists.  Pick up some gifts or souvenirs.



The Hillary Trail

 The Hillary Trail

Access to The Hillary Trail from Piha.  My favourite is the Zion Hill Track.  We at Black Sands are happy to drop guests to the start of this track.

Or you might like to tramp to Whites Beach or Kitekite Falls

The Piha Library

You are unable to loan books, DVDs etc unless you are a member but all are welcome to browse and it’s a great place for children on a ‘not so nice’ day.  The Piha Community Library welcomes guests


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